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About Garbo

Garbo is a not-for-profit background platform that provides more accountability, transparency, and information to proactively prevent crimes. Besides our mission-driven approach, our platform is built upon two major differentiators: not requiring a last name to search, and providing a holistic view into the crime funnel.

Crime Funnel

Data documenting the flow of family violence cases through the justice system



Crimes Commited

— National Crime Victimization Survey (BJS)



Crimes reported to police

— National Crime Victimization Survey (BJS)



Crimes recorded by police

— Supplementary Homicide Reports (FBI)



Arrests are made

— National Incident-Based Reporting System (FBI)



Criminals are prosecuted

— State Court Processing Statistics (BJS)



Criminals are convicted

— State Court Processing Statistics (BJS)


What is the crime funnel?

It's something our founder really didn't know existed until she started battling her abuser in the NYC court systems and experienced this first-hand. The crime funnel highlights the mass amount of crimes that happen and the very tiny percentage that end in convictions.

Why does this bottleneck occur?

It starts with underreporting. Why does underreporting occur? Maybe it's how women are victim-shamed for crimes committed against them? Maybe it's because of the systemic oppression and stigmatization of women of color? Maybe it's because women are scared their abusers will destroy their lives?

Maybe it's because when we do report, we're told, "I'm sorry but we're too busy investigating murders to deal with this right now. If we can get to it, we will."

We know the criminal justice system is underfunded, understaffed, overwhelmed, and in serious need of reformation. This state of affairs has left a backlog of uninvestigated crimes due to “screening out” hard-to-solve crimes -- which are often cases including sexual assault, stalking, harassment, and other non-lethal gender-based crimes.

People who commit crimes tend to commit a lot of crimes -- especially gender-based crimes.

So when a woman does report her rapist to the police (which only happens about 10% of the time), she could potentially be saving 4.8 other victims. Similar conclusionscan be seen in intimate partner violence, stalking, harassment, and other non-lethal, “hard-to-solve” crimes.

Not to mention this failed system hurts us in other ways...

On average, there are roughly 320,000 outpatient visits and 1,200 deaths due to intimate partner violence and over $8.3Bn in spend related to medical and mental health services for domestic violence victims every year.

Garbo asks the question -- what if we could prevent the next crime from occurring? How can we use the systems already in place to overcome this bottleneck? These are the questions we’ve been asking ourselves as we build Garbo’s revolutionary background check platform.

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1 in 5

In a study of 500 men, 1 in 5 admitted to being physically violent with their current partner

- Justice Department, 2007

One study found 120 individual rapists were responsible for 1,225 separate acts of interpersonal violence, including rape, battery, and child physical and sexual abuse

- University of Michigan, 2014
1 in 4

1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will be the victims of severe violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimes

- Domestic Violence Hotline