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Coin Donations

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Garbo’s mission is to prevent sexual harassment and abuse by proactively protecting, educating, and empowering women. Garbo is, at the core, the first searchable by name database of aggregated, vetted stories and public records of crimes against women. Our team consists of legal experts, journalists, survivors, and other relevant folks who are developing Garbo from the ground up to focus on the truth and justice of the silence majority of women. We remove the narrative from the facts and provide only basic answers to questions like: "were they physically violent?" (y/n) and "what evidence was supplied?".

Women, for example, will be able to search someone’s name before a first date or a job interview to see who they’re about to interact with. Our systems go beyond a traditional background check as we aggregate data across state lines, meaning if a man committed a crime in Florida, but a woman meets that man in North Carolina and she searches him on Garbo, his record will be there, free of charge. 

We believe that this information is a matter of public safety, meaning accessibility is at the heart of Garbo. We want to build and scale Garbo's infrastructure as quickly as possible. Your donations will help us hire more engineers and build our system more efficiently and faster, allowing us to protect more women sooner. 

If you want to learn more about Garbo, please email your questions to 

Thank you. 

- K