Am I Ready for a Relationship Quiz

Understanding if you're ready to be in a committed serious relationship can come with complicated feelings.

Most of us have experience some sort of past trauma or pain that impacts us currently — even if we can't see it on the surface. This unresolved internal conflict can have an immense impact on our relationships, including friendships, family relationships, and with intimate partners.

Being able to understand how you're truly feeling inside and process through all of your emotions can help you set the stage for a new relationship without taking previous dynamics into this new opportunity.

‍Relationships are hard work — and you want to make sure you’re doing it for the right reason and with the right person.

The most important part of any relationship is the relationship you have with yourself. Self-love is the best true love you can ever find in this world. Taking control of your own life and being your own soulmate is the foundation for any successful relationship.

You want to be in a relationship with the kind of person who has their own life and makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

This quiz is designed to help you understand where you are in your love life and romantic relationships. A healthy relationship should uplift your self-esteem, mental health, and make you feel like you’re living your best life.

If you are seeing red flags or deal breakers early on in seeing someone new, think about reaching out to your best friend or other support systems for relationship advice.

You can also take our “do they like me back” quiz or our relationship quiz to help you further identify if you are ready for a relationship and if this is the right person for you.

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