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Garbo is a new kind of background check that aims to proactively prevent crimes.

The Problem

Meeting someone for the first time can be intimidating — even potentially dangerous. Without a way to verify and confirm someone’s identity before the first interaction, we’re leaving ourselves susceptible to fate.

Our Solution

Fortunately, Garbo’s background check platform allows you to be as informed as possible by providing a simple way to make sure your match checks out. Because first dates come with enough unknowns, but your safety should never be one.

No Last Names Required

We use other variables like phone, job title, and more.

Full-Funnel Search

We’re aggregating dozens of data sources to provide the most comprehensive view into someone’s crimes.

We Accept Your Evidence

One of Garbo’s data sources is you. Anyone can submit their evidence which then goes through our verification process.

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Your support will help proactively prevent crimes.

Raising donations instead of investments allows us to focus on driving results rather than revenue, keeping us accountable and transparent along our journey. We’re a 501c3 nonprofit project sponsored by Mission Edge.

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