Financial Abuse Quiz

September 2, 2021

Financial abuse, also known as economic abuse, is when one partner has control and power over the other partner’s ability to gain or access financial resources. 

It occurs in 99% of abusive relationships and is often the number one reason cited for why victims stay in abusive relationships. 

Financial abuse is regularly the first form of abuse in a relationship — and victims often don’t know that they’re experiencing it until it escalates. 

Anyone can experience financial abuse as it is based in power dynamics and control. 

This financial abuse quiz is designed for folks who think they may be experiencing financial abuse or those who want to help someone in their life identify patterns of financial abuse. 

If you believe you’re experiencing financial abuse, on any scale, please utilize the following hotlines and resources to help navigate the situation. 

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Victim Connect powered by Victims of Crime

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