Friendship Quiz

Building a new friendship can be so exciting! You’re getting to know a new person on a much deeper level while also opening yourself up to them. Even if you've known someone for a while, you should always be learning and growing alongside of them.

Friendships should be fun - and enable you to learn more about yourself and the other person. You should both be active participants in building the friendship and each other up to be your best selves.

While good friends should challenge you to be your best self, sometimes friendships can take a bad turn. This could be because of jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, or other personal problems the friend is facing.

While you want to be there for your friends, sometimes that isn’t what is best for you. If you feel like the friendship is causing more harm than happiness, it may be time to move on. 

This quiz is designed to help you understand if your friendship is healthy or if it may be toxic. We’ll also guide you to some additional resources!

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