Red Flags in a Relationship Quiz

While everyone has character traits that we might find irritating or annoying, red flags in a relationship are a bit different.

You may have heard the term red flag before - so what's the meaning of a red flag?

A relationship red flag is a repeated toxic behavior that is often a warning sign of much bigger problems to come within the relationship.

Whether you just started dating someone or have been seeing your partner for a while, understanding red flags in an unhealthy relationship can help you determine what next steps you should take.

This relationship red flag quiz is designed to help you see patterns of behavior that could mean much more than you think. Red flags in dating can differ for everyone - this relationship red flag quiz can help you spot the most common ones.

If you are seeing consistent red flags in your relationship, you have to decide what next steps are best for you.

Sometimes you might see yellow flags - or red and yellow flags. A yellow flag is something that could be what we call a "character trait" that you might just not agree with or want to associate with. Some yellow flags could be always being late to things, not being outgoing enough for you, or not liking the same things you like. These aren't relationship red flags, but they might just highlight how this person isn't a good fit for YOU.

It's also just as important to look for green flags in a relationship!

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