Relationship Anxiety Quiz

Everyone doubts their relationships at some point — it’s normal to have some insecurity.

However, when this escalates into relationship anxiety, there is likely a deeper problem at hand.

Relationship anxiety is a feeling, both physically and mentally, of uncertainty about your committed relationship with your partner.

Relationship anxiety can be manifested as confusion and fear about where your relationship is headed, how you feel about your partner, and/or how your partner feels about you.

The manifestation of relationship anxiety can come from unresolved commitment issues, a lack of trust between you and your partner, past traumatic experiences from previous romantic relationships, and other unresolved issues that you may experience individually, or between you and your significant other.

A healthy relationship starts with you — so understanding what relationship anxiety really is and how you can get help overcoming it can be beneficial to your relationships today and tomorrow.

While some people will talk about anxious attachment or secure attachment styles, relationship anxiety is more complex than that. Everyone experiences it for different reasons, often a combination of many factors.

Relationship anxiety not only impacts you but the people you love — whether they’re romantic partners or a friend. The anxious thoughts, avoidant approach to important conversations, and an overall low self-esteem can be really detrimental to both parties involved in the relationship.

That’s why we’ve developed this relationship anxiety quiz. We want to help you understand real examples of how relationship anxiety manifests itself and how you can get help overcoming these feelings.

Remember, putting your own needs and mental health first is the foundation of any healthy relationship.

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