Should We Break Up Quiz

Are you feeling lost in your current relationship?

Not sure if your significant other is the person you should be with?

Chances are you’re feeling a wide variety of emotions right now as you think about your relationship.

You’ve likely spent a lot of time building a foundation with this other individual and thinking about it ending can come with a lot of feelings — probably some you weren’t expecting.

You may have thought this person was your soulmate, have a really amazing sex life, thought they were your best friend, and maybe you’ve said “I love you” to this other person.

Long-lasting relationships are built on a foundation of mutual trust, respect, and communication — which may be missing in your relationship.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just started dating this person and are seeing red flags, this should we break up quiz is designed to help you understand your relationship better and identify if there are patterns of unhealthy, and even toxic, traits.

We can’t make the decision on whether to stay or leave a relationship for you, but we hope this quiz guides you into the best personal decision.

After taking this quiz, think about spending time reflecting on the differences between a healthy relationship and a toxic relationship. Make the best decision for you and reach out to those you trust for additional support.

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