Toxic Relationship Quiz

Are you in a toxic relationship?

If you think you might be seeing red flags, feel like you’re not in a healthy relationship, or just want to learn more about what a toxic relationship looks like, this is quiz is designed to help you navigate your experience and learn more about what you might be feeling.

A toxic relationship can be defined as any relationship, whether intimate or not, between two people who don’t respect or support each other. There is often conflict where one individual seeks to undermine the other, competition, and a lack of cohesion within the relationship.

If there seems to be more bad moments than good, this could be a sign of a toxic relationship. While each relationship is unique and has its ups and downs, if you are feeling worse in the relationship than if you weren't in the relationship, it might be time to evaluate further.

Toxic relationships are often abusive relationships — or could potentially escalate into abusive behavior. Abusive behavior doesn’t just mean physical abuse, it can mean emotional abuse, financial abuse, and/or sexual abuse as well.

But, it doesn't have to be abusive for it to be a toxic relationship. A bad relationship of any kind, whether with a best friend or intimate partner, can impact your self-esteem and have you walking on eggshells around the other person.

Within this toxic relationship quiz, you will find some early warning signs of a toxic relationship, red flags, and clear examples of how someone behaves in a toxic relationship. You'll also find some resources at the end of the quiz on how to safely leave a toxic relationship.

And while you might be asking yourself how to fix a toxic relationship, often the best thing to do is to focus on your own journey and healing. Trying to fix a toxic person can lead to an unhealthy relationship with yourself and others. You know what is best for you and we encourage you to talk to those in your life who you can trust to help determine your next steps if you are in a toxic relationship.

Knowing what kind of relationship you’re looking for and being able to set boundaries for your well-being is key to healthy relationships.

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